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Jurassic Survival 1.0.2 MOD

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Jurassic Survival MOD 1.0.2  A new, popular and entertaining game in the drama survival and survival style of Mishka Production for Android, which has been downloaded thousands of times by Android users around the world and decided upon by your loved ones . We will introduce our newest version with your arrival and rejoice! In the wild and unknown world of Jurassic Survival, you hunt and survive, or hunt, and disappear from time to time! You wake up under the shade of a palm tree and on the beach, you do not remember what happened to you and how you came from here! What’s important now is that you can survive in the difficult conditions you are in! To do this, you need to be stronger and more clever than the dinosaurs that command this land! A land that is not found in human civilization, and to deal with it, all wild dinosaurs just have to rely on yourself and, of course, help your friends help you in this game! If you are an enthusiast for survival games, you will undoubtedly know the popular game and the familiar name of Last Day on Earth: Survival , the interesting game Jurassic Survival is designed exactly like the “Last Day of the Earth” game, which controls the main character in your hands. And with the touch buttons on the screen, you can do a variety of punching, removing objects, sitting, using equipment, and so on! If you are lovers of light entertainment games, Jurassic Survival undoubtedly attracts your attention.

The Jurassic Survival game is currently in good quality with a good 4.5 out of 5.0 playlist , which we have released on the fly with the mods for download

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